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Lactation Complications

Comprehensive diagnosis, prevention, and treatment for all types of breast cancer.

Doctors will tell you how important breastfeeding is for you and your baby, but breastfeeding can come with its own set of challenges. These include mastitis, abscess or galactocele.




Swollen infected breast, this can usually be managed by your gynecologist but sometimes if it becomes recurrent or persistent it is helpful to get the opinion from Dr Burgers
A potential complication from mastitis, this is an infection associated with a pocket of pus. This requires aspiration of the infected fluid. Dr Burgers can do this with ultrasound guidance in her office
This is a cyst filled with milk that is unable to be drained through the nipple. This is treated with aspiration. Dr Burgers can do this with ultrasound guidance in her office

Dr Burgers can treat these conditions. She doesn’t want you to give up the opportunity to be able to breastfeed. She works closely with lactation specialists in the area to help women continue breastfeeding and minimize further complications.

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