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Male Breast Cancer

Fortunately, male breast cancer is uncommon.

However, it is important to remember that about 2670 men were diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

Male breast cancer, just like female breast cancer requires a multidisciplinary approach to ensure the best outcomes. Dr Burgers works closely with the team of physicians to provide the highest quality care to her male patients.

Breast cancer in men often presents as a palpable lump, but it may be ignored due to the rarity of the condition. Dr Burgers wants men to feel comfortable seeking an opinion if they notice a new lump or bump along their chest. She can perform ultrasound biopsies in her office, which may save some of the awkwardness of sitting in a waiting room packed with women at a “women’s imaging center.”

Male breast cancer is often caused by a genetic predisposition. Dr Burgers can provide information about and access to genetic testing.

Possible signs of male breast cancer:

  • Palpable lump/bump on chest
  • Change in color/texture of the skin on the chest
  • Wound on the chest that won’t heal
  • Fullness/lumps in the armpit associated with any of the above

Other male breast disease…




Nipple Infections

in the male breast can also be caused by benign processes such as lipomas or gynecomastia. However, an ultrasound is the best first step in evaluation to rule out cancer. If there is any question, Dr Burgers may recommend a biopsy.

is a benign proliferation of breast tissue in a man. This is most commonly caused by medications. Sometimes it can be resolved by stopping the medications, but sometimes surgery is required to remove the excess glandular tissue.

are benign fatty tumors just underneath the skin. Sometimes they will form along the chest wall and feel like lumps in the breast. Lipomas can be removed with surgery.

infections can occur in male breast glandular tissue just like in women. This is particularly common in male smokers. Most infections will resolve with antibiotics, but if your infection is persistent, you may require surgery.

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